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What we do at Spring Lodge Centre

What we do at Spring Lodge Centre

Spring Lodge is the specialist sexual assault referral centre for Lincolnshire dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to men and women who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Based in uphill Lincoln, not far from the Lincoln County Hospital we offer a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment, which focuses on the needs of the individual.

Spring Lodge is committed to providing a caring, sensitive and dedicated service which meets the needs of victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse within Lincolnshire.  We aim to help to empower you by informing you of your options and assisting you in making your own decisions about your recovery.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service can offer support from Report to Court for any Adult living in Lincolnshire who has experienced sexual abuse at any point in their lives.  They can also offer help understanding what help and options are available including non-legal options.

You may not wish to inform the police but still require help, advice and support.

You can choose to contact us direct, or have someone call on your behalf if you prefer.

Throughout your time with the service you will have our small dedicated team to support to you, we do allocate you a named individual from one of our specialist trained staff at the centre and also the other support workers are also here to assist you.   Support workers are able to talk to you about the options available and offer you the time and space you need to make the right choices for you.

We have helped many people in many different ways, some were very clear about what they wanted before they called and others not sure at all, or even if we was the right place to call.  Our aim is provide a service which is appropriate to each person’s need and we can ensure you that our workers will treat every call with sensitively and try to understand what help is needed.  This will vary depending on when the incident has happened, the person’s age and circumstances therefore our goal is to listen and ask questions sensitively so we can go through options so that informed decisions can be made by the caller.

We ever strive to improve our services and welcome feedback, our future goals are to make the services more encompassing and available to more people by listening to what individuals, families and society need.