No Means No

No Means No Campaign Poster

No Means No

Our No Means No campaign…

The ‘No Means No!’ campaign is Lincolnshire Police’s campaign to deliver a very simple message that no means no when it comes to sexual consent and to encourage anyone who has been the victim of a sexual crime to come forward to them.  It also advertises the Emerald Team who are Lincolnshire’s specialist trained officers and experienced detectives committed and dedicated to rape investigation   This specialist team deals with all rapes and serious sexual assaults that are reported within Lincolnshire.  Lincolnshire Police also have a dedicated unit that investigates childhood sexual abuse.

The campaign aims to spread awareness of the law, in particular amongst young people and promote the fact that alcohol should not be used as an excuse for sexual violence.


If you wish to find out more about this then please contact the Police on 101.


No Means No Campaign Poster   No Means No Poster