Public Awareness Campaign 2015

April 2015 saw our Public Awareness Conference on Rape and Sexual Abuse to spread awareness of the subject and encourage all to understand more about what being a victim really means.  We sensitively told some of our client’s stories and journeys and the immense trauma and different feelings and emotions mixed with courage and hope came through.

The event was a chance for public and professionals alike to hear also from staff explaining what we are doing in Lincoln and what services and options are open to all with a more detailed insight in the workshops offered as to what actually happens behind closed doors at Spring Lodge.

The event was extremely well attended by a variety of people and we were very pleased with this, especially with it being the first public event of its type offered by Spring Lodge and equally so the feedback was very good with comments like “comfortable and informative”, “insightful”, “poignant and thought provoking” and “highlighted the issues victims face and the values of Spring Lodge and what it offers”.

Below are some photographs from the event giving a feel of what the evening was about.