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Our Services include being Lincolnshire Police’s dedicated rape centre where they bring any adult who reports a recent rape or serious sexual assault for the immediate help and support and start of a criminal investigation. Being the police’s dedicated centre means that any adult that reports a rape in the county will have dedicated support from a non-police personnel from our organisation which is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the person rather than any investigation needs. Our centre has high-quality facilities which provide the person with comfort, safety and assurance, as well as providing the police with a forensically sound environment in which to gather evidence. We have clean medical rooms wherein, with your consent, a qualified practitioner will be able to give you a medical examination in relevant and in accordance with your needs and also collect evidence. This will be explained at every stage and only carried out with your full consent and you will be supported throughout.

You may not wish to inform the police but still require help, advice and support, in which case you can choose to contact us direct, or have someone call on your behalf if you prefer.

If something has happened to you recently and you do not wish to engage with the police or are unsure how to proceed then you can call us directly and we can make an appointment for you to come in to talk to one of our specialist non police personnel wherein they can liaise with doctors to consider if a medical is relevant and this will give you someone to talk to and some breathing space to make decisions which are right for you.

Should you choose to have no police involvement at this stage, consideration can be also given to providing anonymous intelligence to the police to help prevent further incidences with your agreement.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service can offer support from Report to Court for any Adult living in Lincolnshire who has experienced sexual abuse at any point in their lives.  They can also offer help understanding what help and options are available including non-legal options.

Throughout your time with the service you will have our small dedicated team to support to you.  We will allocate you a named individual from one of our specialist trained staff at the centre and also the other support workers are also here to assist you.   Support workers are able to talk to you about the options available and offer you the time and space you need to make the right choices for you.

Unfortunately there is no counselling service at our centre, however we can help signpost you to appropriate services.

And for medical services for children and adolescents under 18 please contact the police on 999 or 101. The follow on service ISVA service for children is now provided by the Castle Project at Victim Support in Lincoln. Some further information on this service can be found on Victim Support’s website – Victim Support – Lincolnshire. They can also be contacted on 07787 002970 or 07703 183338. (please note these contact numbers are not maintained by the LPFT Trust or Spring Lodge Centre)